What do we want for young women in Relationships?

I’m Sally Boyce, a former Youth Development Worker, qualified meditation teacher and Mother of four.  I am working with girls aged 15 and up. I cover with them the emotional aspects of sex education.  Using the understanding from my in-depth interviews with women, practise as a youth worker, over six years research and my own unique life experience, I am able to offer young women the tools to explore who they are and what they want in sex and relationships.

I give young women the opportunity to learn from others’ real experiences and the keys to building their own self-esteem with an emphasis on self-awareness and making empowered choices.  Schools do a good job of covering body changes, the mechanics of intercourse, STIs, and so on, but I cover the more emotional aspects.  Subjects such as peer pressure, the media, staying safe, alcohol, how men and women may think differently, self-esteem, abuse and what a healthy relationship might look like.  I am currently researching and writing a book on the same subject.

As a writer, a teacher and a person I am concerned with getting to know the self (loving the self) and acting from integrity as an act of self-love.  I encourage lining up with the choices you make and acting from your own power.  I can bring any subject back to this message.


I offer workshops for girls aged 15+ that include quotes from real women (from a variety of social and economic backgrounds), celebrities and experts in the field to offer an insight into what the girls might encounter on their own relationship journeys.  These workshops aim to give young women the tools to cope with any real-life situation they might face with emphasis on their own health and self-worth.  It will give an awareness to be able to make sensible choices that are right for them, which will not only help in relationships but develop general life skills.

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Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a naturally occurring state we often drift into and out of daily.  To maintain this state consistently only takes practice and the space and time to do so.  It need not be complicated and is open to anyone.  There have been so many proven health benefits that I love to help people discover for themselves.

I have practiced some form of meditation for over 17 years.  I am always told I look young for my age and this is what I put it down to, especially considering I have four children!

I offer one-on-one meditation sessions and also a weekly group session.

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