A Message To Those Who Are Struggling

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We all go through times when we are finding life a bit more difficult; it doesn’t mean you have depression, or anxiety, it just means you are human. Even the Buddha’s number one teaching is “Life is suffering”. Nowadays it is common to hear that we should “think positively” and “be happy”. There are plenty out to capitalise on the fact that as humans, we will not be at the peak of happiness all the time and able to think ‘positive’ thoughts every second of the day. I would say that I am one of the happiest people I know and my secret is: that I cry when I feel like it and let it out, I verbalise my frustrations when I need to and let it out. I get it all out and let it go and I am usually able to move back into happiness reasonably quickly. But it would be misleading to make out that anyone is feeling at the peak of happiness all the time.

“I learned a lot from dark nights of my soul… I learned a lot from the pain because the pain was a psychic message. Just like physical pain is, psychic pain is saying something’s wrong.” ~Marianne Williamson

You can learn a lot from your pain if you take an honest look at it. Don’t be scared of it, don’t try to avoid it, or suppress it. It is there to tell you something. As they say “you can only heal it if you feel it”. That’s the hard part but it is worth it to feel the peace at the other side.

Can you think of a time where you have grown in a positive way from a painful situation?
Thank you for sharing this and sharing the love ❤️


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